Sushi (djsushi) wrote,

My e-mail to the Combos people and their response.

My e-mail:

My name is Chris and I love your snacks. I have to say, in a given week, I probably consume Combos pretty much every day I'm at work. Usually, I'll have Combos as breakfast, since the standard bagel and cream cheese has gotten a bit tired and breakfast sandwich is just a little too greasy to digest, unless you've been out drinking all night.

Anyway, that gave me a great suggestion to send you guys -- why don't you make breakfast food-flavored Combos? You could have something like a bacon, egg, and cheese Combo or a Combo with pancake syrup-flavored filling. In any event, I'm sure you guys would be able to figure out something good if you decided to make breakfast Combos. I really hope you consider this -- I really think a lot of people would be inclined to try it, since there are so many "on-the-go" options for breakfast nowadays and most of them suck...terribly. So, if you do end up making breakfast Combos and you need someone to test them, don't hesitate to drop me a line.


Their (boring) response:

In response to your email regarding COMBOS SNACKS.

Thank you for your email.

It was thoughtful of you to offer your creative ideas. Unfortunately, it is our policy not to accept unsolicited ideas. At Masterfoods USA, a Division of Mars, Incorporated, we rely on our extensive Research and Development staff to design, develop and refine product concepts. Sometimes research and development can take years before a finished product can be marketed. To avoid confusion of ownership, we must refuse the thousands of suggestions we receive every year, many the same as yours. Although we appreciate your interest, we hope you will understand our business position.

Have a great day!

Your Friends at Masterfoods USA
A Division of Mars, Incorporated
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